Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fallen Sane

Fallen Gods has this really cool tattoo layer makeup as a gift for the Where's the Concert? hunt.  I love me some David Bowie so this makeup, being inspired by Aladdin Sane, is a total win for me.  I used the 10L eyebrow remover tattoo layer from La Petit Morte to cover the eyebrows on the skin, which is 0L on the marketplace.  I edited the eyelids in in Gimp post-process so don't expect the closed eyes to look so neat. xD  I can do a quick tutorial on how to make them look cleaner when closed if anyone is interested.  Enjoy!
Tattoo Makeup: Fallen Gods, hunt gift
Skin: Lenolo, free
Eyebrow Remover Tattoo Layer: La Petite Morte, 10L
Hair: Kik (color tinted)