Sunday, 25 December 2011

Waiting For Santa

Hi all!  There are so many wonderful gifts out right now to celebrate the holidays but all of here at Free*Style have been so busy we haven't covered a ton of them so I wanted to show a few things before I go to bed and wait for Sandy Claws.  This scarf is from Zeery and you can find it under the tree with loads of other gifts from the folks at Rue D'Antibes.  It has wonderful colors perfect for the winter.  My hair is from D!va and it is to celebrate 25,000 members (that is a huge group for SL!)  It comes with 2 bang (or fringe for you Euro types) options, long or short hair option, and a fat pack of colors.  Woo!  My skin is from Belleza and OMG CUTE ALERT.  I love red lips so I was all over this gift.  There is a male skin too!  My shirt might be free at Ivalde but it's a secret hidden items hunt so maybe not.  *Sneaky*  My earrings are from Hate Me and Eat Me and are not free but you can see the free set HERE at my other blog. :D
These boots clearly don't match this outfit but they are free from Lassitude&Ennui and they remind me of the girl from Nightmare Before Christmas so they work for a holiday post!  There is a male pair too.  Love!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!
Boots: Lassitude&Ennui, free
Shirt: Ivalde, free (OR MAYBE NOT, IT'S A SECRET.  They might change out the items so if it's not free anymore it's not my fault. D:  But look for the blue snowflakes for all the hidden free items.)
Skin: Belleza, group gift (250L join fee)
Hair: D!va, group gift
Scarf: Zeery, gift under the tree
Earrings: Hate Me and Eat Me (comes with necklace too, red color is free)