Friday, 9 December 2011

A Very Beary Christmas!

I'm just jumping in really quick to show you this adorable polar bear decor from MiaSnow.  MiaSnow is an awesome designer and her store has been one of my faves for a looooong time.  I often show her skins, makeup, clothes, accessories, etc. but now it's time to show a little something different.  The bear sits on top of a little snow pile and some snowy, glowy grass with all kinds of fun sparklies.  The star flashes colors.  The colors are pretty vibrant but for some reason all my snapshots captured the star when it was in mid-blink and dark. -.-  Anyway, grab it free in the Midnight Mania board at MiaSnow main store!  The target is only 99 so go fast before it locks.
Beary Christmas!
I plan on showing more of the awesome not free goodness from MiaSnow on my other blog but OMG December is such a busy month when you own a store and do events!!!!  Sooo tired.  *Passes out.*  See you guys!