Monday, 12 December 2011

Mix of Stuff

Hi guys!  I'm still ultra busy but I wanted to show you some stuff.  This pose is one of several you can get from STaTus.  The group is currently free to join and they send out regular gifts.  Pretty awesome! The clock is one of the KittyCats advent gifts, this one from Intrigue Co.  It's cute and the eyes and tail swing back and forth.  Basically you just go to the KittyCats store and click the dates on the board in the center of the store and each date gives you a new gift.  Everyday there is a new one but you can get the past days too.  My bodysuit and skin are from Adore&Abhor and are 100L each for the Twisted Krissmuss event.  We also have a new release item out for around 50L each day through Christmas.
Gifties and other goodies
My hair is free from Fab-u-lous has a Christmas gift.  Very cute and several colors are included.  My eyes are from A Netherworld.  The red and green eyes are free right now and the red eyes are only 50L.  They are prim eyes so you can mix and match like I did or wear the matching ones.  other colors available too. :)
Skin and Bodysuit: Adore&Abhor, 100L each for Twisted Krissmuss
Hair: Fab-u-lous, free
Prim eyes: A Netherworld, free and 50L
Pose: STaTus, group gift (one of several)
Clock: Intrigue Co., KittyCats advent calendar gift