Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cat Face, I Got a Big Cat Face

I watch too much Youtube.  Anyway, How cute is this little cat mask head decor from Ni.Ju?!  This girl always be making the cuteness.  Check her store for more goodies and deals and just plain good stuff for sale.  My shirt is from Tarnished and is part of the sim-wide hunt at Onyx Noir.  The hunt lasts through January 2nd so you have a bit of time to find all the prizes.  Items are scattered around the entire sim, some inside of stores and some just out and about.  Look for a cute lil' teacup.
My skin is from a newer skin store called Matrioska and is by the creator of Blue Blood.  It's not free but I really can't resist a skin in vamp pale with crazy makeup.  Seriously.  Especially one with cutesy doll-esque features.  Love!
OK here are the rest of the details for those that just skim the credits. xD
Cat Mask: Ni.Ju, group only lucky board (10 minute timer, board downstairs)
Shirt: Tarnished, Onyx Noir sim hunt gift
Skin: Matrioska
Blue Eyeliner: Adore&Abhor, 50L for a pack of four colors
Hair: Magika
Eyes: A.D.D Andel (color very slightly changed post-processing)