Friday, 11 November 2011

MenStuff Hunt Has Begun!!

MENstuff Hunt

The MENstuff Hunt kicked off today!  There are 150 vendors total in the hunt and it lasts until December 25th.  

I went to a handful of my favorite stores today, and this is what I picked up.  Guys!!  There is no excuse to look like ASS on SL anymore, I put this together in 30 minutes in just the few stores I went to.

The skin is from Egoisme, the hair is from MADesigns, the shirt is from Gizza, and the pants are from Connors.  I am also wearing a pair of boots from Duh, that you can't see.  All for free!!  

Check out the MENstuff Hunt page HERE 

There are shapes and more to be had, just go look for the blue shirt hunt item.  

* ban face lights forever! 

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