Wednesday, 12 October 2011

It's Days Are Numbered

Free*Style's 4th Anniversary Event, 4.44.444, ends on 10/14 so it's last call fellas on some fabulous, funny and fine items for outrageously good prices.  I am showing just a few examples here: Dilly Doll's Astrid Dress which is only 44 L for a fat pack!  Good heavens if that is not just wild!  My hands down, no holds favorite item from the event is Miss Shippe's Darling Mr. Betty tattoo for all out girly-man love.  Sweet Hempy Weezles from Ripe has adorable Calliope jewelry sets.  There are so many other awesome deals and I haven't even finished shopping it yet.  Do not miss this!  Trust me and my 110K+ inventory which after this event I'm going returning to hermithood to whip into shape!

Dress: Dilly Dolls: Astrid Lights: 44 for a fat pack @ 4.44.444
Skin: Mango Mango!: Been Up All Night Blogging: 4 L @ 4.44.444
Jewelry: Ripe: Calliope in Silver: 44 @ 4.44.444
Tattoo on the face: Miss Shippe's Studio: Darling Mr. Betty (Powdered ver): 44L @ 4.44.444
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Mui Hair: new release tho she does have some rocking hair at 4.44.444
Eyes: Cupcakes: from the Great Pumpkin Hunt @ Cupcakes but check out their items at 4.44.444, too!