Thursday, 13 October 2011

Game With a Ghost

I uploaded this picture to Flickr and the lovely Marleen Vaughan commented that it looked like I was playing games with a ghost.  I loved that comment so I totally stole it for my title. xD  I'm wearing and using a katrillion things here, some free, some not, nothing expensive.  Check out the details because some of the deals won't last long!
Sweater: Le Bloom, MM board prize (other colors included)
Tank Top and Pants: A.M.K.R., hunt gift (must join hunt group, join sign at entrance)
Ouija Board: Bad Juju @ Twomoons Haloween event, free
Boots: R2 @ 4.44.444, 44L
Hair: Titzuki @ Marketplace, 1L
Hair Base: Analog Dog, free
Whiskey Set: Kal Rau @ Marketplace, free
Chairs: Starstruck
Earrings: Aura