Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fall Weather

I found some nice goodies in fall colors that I wanted to share.  The top is actually a dress by Cupcakes but I realllllly wanted to wear my new mesh skirt from Beetlebones so I combined the two.  My short 'do is from Action and the streaks are color change.  Several other colors of the style are included in the pack as well.  My adorable glasses are from Haut.Monde and are only 4L. :D  I have glasses in RL and I love them so I have a fondness for them in SL.  Check out the rest of the items too because they are super cheap!! 
Fall Weather
Dress (Worn As Top) and Lip Gloss Tattoo Layer: Cupcakes, pumpkin hunt sim wide gifts, many different items can be found from Cupcakes as well as other stores around the sim
Skin: Cupcakes, 50L (part of a special "model pack" that includes clothing and more.  It is on a table in the courtyard area, not actually inside the store.)
Hair: Action, group gift (the group is not free to join but they give gifts regularly)
Skirt: Beetlebones @ 4.44.444, 44L
Glasses: Haut.Monde @ 4.44.444, 4L
Necklace: Lolapop! @ Halloween Bazaar, 25L
Pose: Marukin