Thursday, 8 September 2011

Up Close and Personal

I'm super busy today but when I saw these items I absolutely had to do a quick post to share them!  The Action hair comes in several colors and the streaks are color change!  The skin is a gift from Mons and since this is swiftly becoming one of my fave skin stores I grabbed this faster than you can say squee!  It has a light dusting of freckles that is gorgeous on its own but I added some of my own freckles because I guess I was in a polka dotty type of mood. o.0  The lip piercing from Somnia comes with a belly ring as well.  Also, there is a "monroe" style gem piercing attached to the lip piercing but I wanted to wear it just with the rings.

Skin: Mons, subscriber gift.  I haven't shown it here but Mons also has a skin at The Dressing Room Blue for only 70L which you can see HERE at The Circadian blog.
Hair: Action, group gift (250L join fee.  If they get 50 more group members there will be another gift!)
Piercing: Somnia @ The Wash cart sale, 10L
Eyes: Curio
Beauty Marks and Full Body Freckles: Mango, Mango!