Sunday, 4 September 2011


It's awesome how even if I have a stupid sneezing allergy face in RL I can still look awesome in SL!  I love wearing this wild hair with this polished dress.  Love, I say!  Also gotta love this new free skin from Rockberry.  It's a nudie cutie!

Dress: Sakide, American Bazaar Birthday Hunt item (check the store for other hunt items too!)
Skin: Rockberry, new lucky board prize (several different skins to win through the store)
Hair: Nodoka, Couleur de Tout Hunt item (check around the sim, lots of prizes from different stores)
Eyes: Bonne Chance, free
Bracelet: Lolapop!, not free but there is a different color of the set in the lucky boards
Stockings: Vive9