Saturday, 24 September 2011

More Furniture and Some Other Cutie Goodies!

This adorable hoodie from Ribbon just proves again that Ribbon is getting better each release!  I adore the cute little branches on top and I giggled a bit when I rezzed this table from C&D and realized it had branches too!  Matching FTW!
There are lots of parts to this set from C&D and the quality is wonderful.  I can't believe it is free!  Another very generous creator.  C&D will be part of the upcoming 4.44.444 Free*Style Anniversary event too so that's even more exciting. :)
Hoodie: Ribbon, subscriber gift
Shorts: Cupcakes, 10L prize bomb item.
Eyes: Banana Banshee, not out yet but will be out in time for the Free*Style event ;D
Furniture: C&D Designs, hunt gift
Skin: Pink Fuel
Blush: Cheap Makeup
Hair: Action, group gift in store (join fee, previously blogged)