Friday, 30 September 2011

"Hunting 9 vol.2"

Hunting 9

The Hunting 9 has begun and will last until Oct.9th 1:00am [SLT]

What is Hunting 9 you ask?

1. Go to any of the participating stores, grab a HUD (one is enough)
2. Go to the participating stores and find a pink heart (hint area search)
3. When you find the pink star, you'll get a prize plus a check mark will appear on the hud for that store.
4. Once you find all the stars, you can TP to Grasp and get a special gift. To easy and very cool
5. SOME STORES ARE MEN STUFF, SOME ARE WOMENS. Obviously I'm not going to model a ladies jacket or The couch, jeans and jacket are from the hunt guys!

Here are the stores. I'm to lazy to post slurls, so you can do some of the work! All of these are awesome stores, and great items!!

Kumaki Glasses Style