Monday, 26 September 2011

Do they Sell that Over the Counter?

I've been a shy fangirl of Katx Kirax of Bingo for quite a while now.  She has never had a huge store but she always injects her items with a sense of humor that I appreciate.  She recently released a sweet, little dollarbie that includes a cotton candy striped t-shirt, colorful nail polish, 2 face tattoos (1 tint-able) and a pose (not shown).  Then to top it all off she TP'ed me to Love Soul, where I won this adorable hair that was recently added to their lucky chairs, which perfectly compliments her tats. I had been trying to win it to no avail; it comes in 4 different color packs and are split between the chair in the main store and the one behind the food store.  I added the latest group gift from Pididdle, the envelope necklace, which I seriously need in RL to attach permanently to my son who is forgetting half the things he should bring home from school. Thank you to all the designers for the wonderful presents!

PS: Look for a new update on our 4th Anniversary event later today or tomorrow!

Shirt and Stars tattoo: Bingo: Tshirt+Nail+Tattoo+Pose: 1 L
Hair: Love Soul: Kyary - Ash Brown: from Pack C: Lucky Chair Prize
Necklace: Pididdle: Envelope Necklace: exclusive color: Group Gift (join fee)
Skin: AMD: Catalina - Peachy: new release
Tat layer lashes: Mango Mango: Mono Rock Lashes: not free
Pose Prop: Tableau Vivant: Emo Dressing Room: not free