Tuesday, 13 September 2011


haha, this post couldn't be any cuter, unless I had some lil bunnies hopping about my feet :(

So I've been doing the Your Inner Bunny hunt this last few days, and I have got to say there are some cute gifties in it!! The gifts all cost L$1 to buy, but really that is nothing for awesome cuteness!


Apple May Designs ~ Gigi Evil Bunny (Your Inner Bunny Hunt, ends September 16th!!),
Make-up: Jesylilo ~ bunny face tattoo (Your Inner Bunny Hunt),
Hair: Logo ~ Melissa (Fatpack!!! In store freebie!!!),
Blouse: NuDoLu ~ Tunique des fleurs bleues (Your Inner Bunny Hunt),
Shorts: PiCHi ~ Jeans Shorts Bedford (Moody Mondays item),
Flats: MDL (Your Inner Bunny Hunt),
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style ~ Pink Bunny Glasses (Your Inner Bunny Hunt)
Necklace: Beautycode ~ Long Pearl Necklace (Your Inner Bunny Hunt).

Blog for said hunt is here. Happy hunting!!

Trini xx