Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Deal Me In

There is an insanely easy hunt over at LeeZu for group members.  The group is free to join and the hunt took me at the most an enjoyable hour to find 12 playing cards.  The details on how to do the hunt are in group notices but essentially you collect the cards from different areas of the store and then turn them in to redeem one of 4 fantastic prizes.  You can chose from the Miriam or Virage dress, Robin Jeans or like I did, the Margo jacket shown above.  I've been drooling over this jacket since it was released and it is impeccable.  LeeZu took the time to add really special details such as the shadowing effect on the chest straps which makes it especially realistic.  I am beyond impressed by this piece.  At the end of the hunt one lucky winner will also receive a Grand Prize of 5000 Ls and 2 items from the NOIR collection.

I was also wowed by the latest group gift from LeLutka.  The Hadley skin comes in 5 tones with a wonderfully subtle makeup.  I really like the minimalist effect of this makeup and am getting ready to throw some lala's their way after this lovely sample.
Thank you to both LeeZu and LeLutka for these amazing, high quality gifts.

Jacket: LeeZu Baxter: Margo - Silver: Selected prize from Deal Me In Hunt
Shorts: League: Crochet Shorts - Dark Mint
Tat: Regalo: Bird Loves Roses: I honestly don't remember if I got this in a hunt or bought it!
Ring: Rozoregalia: Carpe Diem
Skin: LeLutka: Hadley: Group Gift
Hair: lamb: Bedhead - Blur Roots