Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Time for cake??

So Rhed Rhode formerly of It's Cake and the awesome FTLO events/ hunts is backkkk with a brand new store, Pestle & Twig, but as she is still working on content for the new store she is currently selling off all her old It's Cake stock at the lowlow price of L$25 each! Yes I know, not free, but you can grab some seriously cute bargains like I did.

Everything I'm wearing here is from the It's Cake sale, except for skin, tattoo, make-up, hair and shoes. The skin is still Glam Affairs' Independence Day group giftie, cus I love it so much!! (still available in notice archives). The gorgeous eye make-up I'm wearing is yet another very generous group gift from M.O.C.K Cosmetics. The group costs L$250 to join but theres TONS of gifties already in the archives, and Mocksoup Graves very generously gives out frequent gifties, so thank you!!! Here's a closer shot of said make-up. The eyes are a new creation by Rhed Rhode under her Pestle & Twig brand name.

T-shirt: Sad Panda - It's Cake (L$25 sale!!!),
Leggings: Hunni Comb Hipsters - It's Cake (L$25 sale!!!),
'Facelight mouthie': It's Cake (L$25 sale!!!),
Eyes: P&T Blue Peepers - Pestle & Twig (not free or on sale),
Flats: Sparkle Flats Ruby Red - A.D.D Andel (not free),
Make-up: Borealis Night Shadow - M.O.C.K Cosemtics (group gift, in notices),
Tattoo: Sailor Girl - Para Designs (TOSL Hunt giftie, available til 15th July).

Trini xx