Thursday, 14 July 2011

Skin...baggies...and more!!

HoD Lavie MJ Clubwear

I came across some great finds the past couple of days. The first is the Lavie Skins group gift. There is a small group fee, but well worth it because they have group skins every month.

The second find is the complete outfit I'm wearing from MJ Clubwear. It comes with shoes, baggies, and the shirt. No group needed, just grab the freebie.

The third find is from HoD (Haus of Darcy). The Waffle Fox Hunt starts on July 15th, and HoD has made the Celtic Swirl Dimples exclusively for the Waffle Fox Hunt. Here is a better picture than mine of the exclusive item. Celtic Swirl Dimples

MJ Clubwear