Monday, 25 July 2011

Holiday In the Sun

I am feeling the bright colors showing up right now! Orange and teal seem to be popping up everywhere and I ain't complaining! "Hey Sileny! Ain't isn't a real word!" "Oh yeah? Fetch me a dictionary." *Grabs dictionary and slaps grammar police on the head* Teehee!
holidays in the sun_005
I have to include a close up shot so you can see the nails! Candy Nail never fails to impress me with all of their tiny details!
holidays in the sun_008
Dress: Jack Spoon @ Marketplace, 15L
Skin: Mother Goose's, Poupee Hunt gift (1 of 2 available. More info. on the Poupee Hunt HERE.)
Tattoo Makeup: Piddidle @ Kozmetika, free or 1L I forgot :P
Eyes: Rozena, Poupee Hunt gift
Nails: Candy Nail, group gift
Purse: Ohmai, The Seasons Hunt gift
Hair: Me-I, group gift in store (group is closing soon so hurry!)
Poses: Status. These poses are AWESOME! The poses are made by bloggers who know exactly what a pose needs to be. They have poses made for nails, for big hips, etc. They aren't free but they are worth it.
*Note about the skirt on the dress: It's a sculpted skirt and like all sculpted skirts you should be prepared to have a skirt shape, a straight-hipped AO or a hip alpha. This is with all close-fitting sculpted skirts, I just thought it would be good to share a reminder for folks.