Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lazy Stroll

Ashton Bait Connors

There is some awesome stuff going on for men in Secondlife, the big one being the Menstuff Hunt. You can also find some great stuff in the smaller hunts, so check out all the hunts you can find, sort through the junk and get the good finds.

Also, Belleza just came out with a new male skin, and if your not in the Belleza group, your missing out on some of the best gifts in Secondlife. Yes, its $250L to join, but its the best linden you'll ever spend. The skin I'm wearing is the new Ashton skin, and a group gift that came out a few days ago.

Skin: Belleza - Ashton (group gift $250L to join)
Shape: Maverick Designs - Trick
Hair: Madd - Rebel (past hunt gift)
Shirt: Connors - Polo Shirt (Menstuff Hunt)
Pants: Bait - Summer Night Jeans (The Beached Bunny Hunt)
Pose: 3M