Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's a geekgasm!!

For those of you that remember it, the Geekgasm Hunt has returned for its second run this year! W00t! And for those that don't, this ia a fun lil hunt all about getting your geek on! I really enjoyed this hunt, but there are some lil problems along the way (gifts being incorrectly/ differently numbered and at least one store which has dropped out). These problems are easily overcome if you join the group though and check notices for updates! Heres' some of the goodies:

Picture 1:

Here's your close-up:


Skin & shape: Heartsick - Haiku,
Hair: Bad Juju - Cthulu Braids,
Hairbow: Boof,
Eyes: Skinthesis,
Make-up: M.O.C.K
Mouth & Ear Cthulu: Acid & Mala,
T-shirt: Rezlpsa Loc,
Trousers: Beauty Killer - Do it like a nerd,
Fishy lava lamp: Moxie,
Lanyards: Yellow Berry,
Pose: Thump.

Picture 2:


Vulcan T-shirt: Indigo Oddities,
Jeans: Boof,
Beanbag & game device: Magnifique Poses,
Bracelet: Frippery.

Picture 3:


T-Shirt: Grixdale,
Hotpants: Argyle Anonymous,
Stripy Socks & Band-aids: Indigo Oddities,
Earrings: Undefined Lillies,
Pose: Thump.

Picture 4:


Nerdy Glasses: Heartsick,
Tetris Ring: Cracked Mirror,
T-shirt: TGIS,
Sweats: Grixdale,
Backpack: Cool Beans.

Everything shown in these photo's (except for the sneakers) is from the Geekgasm Hunt which ends 13th July, so get to it quickly! Sneakers are from HOC.

Live long and prosper!!

Trini xx