Friday, 13 May 2011

Tough Chick

I wanted to take pictures of all the gorgeous tattoo makeups that are in the MOCK Cosmetics group notices but my avatar has been a cloud for almost two days now. Yay. *Grumble* But anyway, you can see one of the awesome eyeshadow tattoo layers you can grab for free! The lipstick is a group gift at the Fashion Garret for FG members.
The top is from Pig and is part of an undies set that is only 50L. A bunch of the items are on sale for 50L, not sure for how long.

Eye Makeup and Beauty Marks: M.O.C.K., group gift in notices (250L join fee but there are about 50 or so gifts, not really exaggerating much either.) In the store you will find more gifts AND the makeups for sale are insanely cheap, think like 20L a pop.
Lipstick: The Fashion Garret, group gift in store
Hair: Raw House @ The Fashion Garret, 80L (I think)
Top: Pig, 50L
Cleavage: NoT StAnDaRd, free at Skin and Shape Expo
Skin: Idiosyncrasy @ Skin and Shape Expo (I plan on blogging more about this skin because it's gorgeous! If you buy one brand at the Skin and Shape Expo, check this out!)
Suspenders: RezIpsa Loc, can't remember the price but they were really cheap
Eyes: Adam N Eve @ Skin and Shape Expo, free
Tattoo: Radicalism