Wednesday, 25 May 2011

FIR & MNA, Hermony

FIR & MNA group gift and Hermony sale!






FIR Harrison Boots in White at Shoe Fair

I recently discovered FIR & MNA's paid group, 100L to join which actually gives store credit of 20% with every purchase. FIR items are already pretty affordable, so I thought this was a good deal, because the group even gives rebates on sale items e.g. even for 50L Friday items, you get 10L store credit (20% back) with every purchase. There's also a current group gift of a special color of these shoes available at Shoe Fair 2011, I thought 100L was very reasonable for just this gift, not to mention store credit and upcoming group gifts. Note that the shoes look different on my screen, so view the group gift ad here!

There's a sale at Hermony and everything is marked down. The sale is to raise money for the owner's dog who has tumors in her leg. You can get a free tank whether or not you make a donation, but it would be really nice if you made a donation while getting the tank, every linden helps! There are also a lot of girls' items at Hermony and in the room on the right there are items from 15-35L, not to mention 5L for beautiful eyes! Basically I love Hermony anyway so I got myself quite a few items.

Alphavillain Gatcha glasses, 40L per play, gatcha here
Hermony eyes, 5L omg so good.
Hermony unisex beanie, comes with tattoo layer hair in front. just 65L, on sale!
FIR & MNA paid group gift shoes, view vendor picture here as shadows look different, 100L to join group and you get 20% store credit with every purchase.
FIR & MNA Westbrook bracelets on right wrist
Hermony leather bracelets, 35L, on left wrist
Hermony animated coffee cup and cigarette, part of Ultimate Cigarette package from Hermony. On sale!
Gabriel group gift necklace and earrings
Hermony black tank for Sissi, free, created as a donation item. Please donate!
MV ripped jeans, 50L, on sale, everything is 50L
tattoo: actchio, 50L

FIR & MNA special Jaunty sale item, 49L. Includes knit vest, shirt with prim cuffs and collar, bow tie. Can be worn separately.
Alphavillain Gatcha glasses, 40L per play here
Armidi paint splashed denim
FIR & MNA new release, Harrison Boots in White, only available at Shoe Fair 2011 (tp to booth, follow red beam)
leather suspenders:Meriken Co.
hair: Anaphora, worn with Hermony beanie hair tattoo
rings: grasp group gift skull ring
theosophy rings