Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dress and Shoes and More Shoes, Oh My!

Purrfect 10 has some of the most gorgeous shoes available in SL, AND the designer is VERY generous with the group gifts. Check it out:

Dollarbie Dress

These green and blue stilettos with tiny chains are FREE to the standard Purrfect 10 group (no join fee). I've shown them with the latest dollarbie dress from The Vinyl Cafe Dollarbie A Day location here. Grab it for 1 linden for the next 24 hours. Keep checking back for a new dollarbie every day!

Purrfect 10 VIP Group Gift Stilettos

These snake stilettos are the latest group gift for Purrfect 10 VIP members. It's 510 to join the group but there are regular gifts AND you can go in and grab TONS of other VIP stilettos for free in store.

Group Gift Dress

I'm also showing the latest release from Purrfect 10, these gorgeous lace stilettos, available in a bunch of colors. They are amazing! I'm showing them with the latest group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts, this beautiful black silk dress with pleated details. Find it in the main location here.

Purrfect 10 New Release Stilettos

You'll love these shoes!

Style Notes
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Lelutka
Jewellery Photo One: Ganked
Jewellery Photo Two: Morantique
Bag: Morantique
Gloves: Davinel