Monday, 2 May 2011








Jay Khaos of RAW HOUSE has a massive group gift out and I'm so happy! Thank you, Jay! The group join fee is 300L but there are THREE hairs in this group gift, and he gives gifts pretty often. There is also a hunt gift of two hairs, look for the bright pink flower.

Evelyn hair, streak is texture-change: hunt gift(includes flatliner/mohawk gift for men!) in the pink flower at RAW HOUSE. be warned, it's kind of hard to find, so the hint is "it's in a place… closer to that side not the other" from the hunt blog.

Which is kind of a hard hint, but the store paper.doll is on one side, so I guess the "other side" is ..

#2, #3, #4
Okay I got a little too happy with the ARIA kitchen. It's a new release and you can sit on the counter, chop vegetables, bake and cook things in the oven! I cooked a lobster cheese thing. Really fun. The kitchens are texture-change, I made them red+blue+yellow but they can be black or white too.

actchio. lucky kitty neck tattoo: group gift from ACTCHIO. Please update your LMs! join the subscribo, the tattoo is part of the updated subscribo join gifts.
blue floral dress, paper.doll from the depraved hunt, look for another pink flower. Same location as RAW HOUSE!
red plaid backpack, gacha item for 25L from u.f.o at Albero Gachafest.
boots: floral doc martens from GOS.
yummy candy rings, 30L per play at albero gachafest.
Willow hair in blue, RAW HOUSE group gift, 300L join fee. Back of the hair is texture change, woohoo! Comes with optional sideburn that I'm wearing.
knife in hand, part of ARIA kitchen set
other tattoos from ACTCHIO.

#5, #6
polka-dotted manicure from Rezipsa Loc, also check out her gacha at Albero, only 5L per play for a ton of colors!
braided hair in lavender: RAW HOUSE group gift, so so pretty
actchio. lucky kitty tattoo. group gift from ACTCHIO. Please update your LMs! join the subscribo, the tattoo is part of the updated subscribo join gifts.
cropped cardigan, this is a fawn at albero gacha fairskirt: *boom*
lace clutch with 4-finger rings from Hucci
Yay for the ARIA fridge. I opened the doors and found lots of goodies inside!

ARIA will be giving a group gift soon and you can only get the gift if you join the subscribo before the gift is sent out. Please join the ARIA subscribo now so that you can get the gift! I have seen(and sat on) the NEW gift and it's pretty amazing. Really worth clicking. I can't say more but really, it's beautiful and you will be thrilled with it! Here is a picture of ARIA's very recent, last group gift, a book tree in my house right now, so you have an idea of the quality. Unfortunately you cannot get this gift, but the next gift is even more useful and worthwhile and will be coming in the next few days! Go click!


**Thank you to Yelo Uriza of ARIA for giving me permission to take photographs at ARIA!

**All standing poses from socialANGTz by Suri Yangtz!