Sunday, 24 April 2011

Virtual Easter

Around this time, I get flash backs of when I was a little girl my mother always bought me a pretty dress, shoes, & accessories for Easter every year. Now that I am "grown up" & have one of my own (a son) I can't help but to feel that I have to dress up - throw on a nice collar shirt with nicely polished shoes on my son. Today however, for me, didn't go as planned. In other words, it sucked. My plans of taking my son to the parade here in NYC were ruined & my mom is on vacation in the Dominican Republic (I wish that was me right now!) so I couldn't rebound & go to her place. *Sighs* At least I have Second Life, right? Hope your day was better than mine. Here are some freebie/dollarbles you might want to get:

- Hair by Govil on marketplace 0L
- Eyes by ID (.Insufferable Dastard.) on marketplace 0L
- Earrings & Necklace by *FG* (*Frangipani Garden*) on marketplace 0L
- Bracelet by Nightfairy's on marketplace 1L
- Ring by December on marketplace 0L
- Dress by Bingo 1L for a limited time only!

- Leg Tattoo by actchio
- Shoes by JLZ Designs (Not too sure exactly if these were a past gift or a MM board. Was a super while ago though)

I hope you found something you liked
Jorden ♥