Saturday, 9 April 2011

Obscenely Serene

The Obscene has a new group gift! I have been in this group a thousand years waiting for a new release and not only did they release new items they also have a gift! WOO! The eye makeup up on it goes really well with the colors on this 15L gacha bikini from Dilly Dolls. Love me some stripes! The hair is from Esk-Imo at the Help Japan event where you can find a ton of the best creators putting out ultra affordable items to benefit Japan's relief efforts. If you purchase some of the items there then check out the area that has thank you's for customers, like this awesome tattoo from Deviant Girls.
Skin: [Obscene], group gift (join fee 150L I think. Check in store for lucky chair, dollarbies, and cheapies as well.)
Bikini: Dilly Dolls, 15L gacha item
Hair: Esk-Imo @ Help Japan, charity donation item (Only 175L for four colors!)
Tattoo: Deviant Girls @ Help Japan, free gift for people who donate to the cause!!
Pose: Marukin
Eyes: Curio
Photo Taken HERE