Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mall Crawlin

Yus! Lot's! \o/
alexohol sim hunt swimsuits
Alexohol started a huge hunt/sale event today, it's going to run for a couple of weeks I believe. There are a bunch of mucho talented designers involved. This is a must visit. Lot's of freebies and deals to be had.
I'm showing just a few of the many lovely gifts available. All three simsuits shown here are from the hunt, from left to right Alexohol, Blacklace, Sassy Kitty.
alexohol hunt top gift
Sessy summery top! Another generous gift from the Alexohol Mall Crawl event.
alexohol hunt gifts
On the left the cutness is from the Alexohol Mall Crawl hunt. On the right is their M&M2 hunt gift.
plastik 50's hunt skin gift
Mmmmm free skin from Plastik. I don't think I'll ever get over how generous she is really <3. This one comes in a bunch of tones with tons of tattoo makeups. It's her gift for the 50's hunt.
Look 1
Swimsuits - Alexohol - Mall Crawl Hunt/Sale Event Hunt Gifts
Hair - - Currently having a sale!
Look 2
Top - Alexohol - Mall Crawl Hunt/Sale Event Hunt Gifts
Shorts -
Look 3
Left outfit - Alexohol  - Mall Crawl Hunt/Sale Event Hunt Gifts
Right outfit - Alexohol - M&M2 Hunt Gift
Hair -
Look 4 Skin - Plastik - 50's Hunt Gift
*****The skin in the whole post sans the last picture is from Curio for the Project FUR event******
P.P.S. I apologize for the sub par quality of some of the pictures, my computer's been on the fritz.