Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Free Dove Update!

I am sure most of us remember the Free Dove. When you are a new player and not sure if you will like SL you want to try it out without spending a lot of money, so you search "free" in places. In general you end up with a load of...um...yuck. The Free Dove started out several years ago as a place to introduce new players to *good* designers by giving them free gifts as a way to look good as a start. Sadly, the store had not been updated in ages and was feeling very dated. Well the owner decided to reinvigorate it! Right now there are a lot of designers working on new goodies to put out there and a few have already set up some items. Check it out!
If you are a designer and would like to contribute a high quality, original item to the Free Dove to help new players please contact Palomma Casanova for information.
Sweater, Shorts, Plaid Shirt and Socks: Pig @ Free Dove
Earrings, Shirt, Shoes: Sn@tch @ Free Dove
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board (previously blogged)
Eyeliner: Mango, Mango!, subscriber gift
Hair: Lamb