Monday, 28 March 2011

Cheap Skins For a Good Cause!

So...have you been to the Another Fundraiser II event yet? Oh, you haven't? Well...WHAT"S WRONG WITH YOU!? LOL! Sorry I got a bit excited there D:
free stle fishy
The event is really awesome, seriously for serious awesome super cool. At the location are skins and tattoo makeups from tons of designers and regular SL users that are only 50L each! And all the proceeds go to help those affected by the recent disaster in the Pacific.
red mint mango
For the event people were given the challenge to create skins or makeups using only the free and full perm skins from Eloh, MinaJunk, and Splendor along with their own creativity and talent. It was so fun to see the variety that came from people using the same sources!
idio and e
I am only showing a few of the items available because there are just so many! Even a bunch of current and former Free*Stylers cooked up some goodies!
cyber and iris
So come down, grab some el cheapo skins and makeups and support a great cause!
jorden dikes
More information about the fundraiser can be found HERE. The event area is HERE.
miamai and flair
Pic.1: Skin by Creamy Cooljoke and Lips by FishyStrawberry
Pic.2: Skins by Red Mint and Sileny Noel and doll blush by Sileny Noel
Pic.3: Skins by Idiosyncrasy and blue eye makeup from e!
Pic.4: Skins by Coffee Biscuit and Iris Ophelia, blush makeup by Pig Love
Pic.5: Skins by Jorden Dikes
Pic.6: Skins by Miamai and Flair
Hair worn in all photos is from Loq and eyes are from Curio.
*Please note many of the skins and makeups shown actually come in packs with several colors or styles.