Thursday, 3 February 2011






wishing all who celebrate a very happy chinese new year! :D

anyway here's my yearly cny post haha kind of, lika ruby has this group gift cheongsam out, it's still one of the places that make the best and most affordable qipaos, in my opinion!

today is actually the first day of the chinese new year so we're all going a bit crazy visiting relatives and i should be sleeping now haha.

also, Rezipsa Loc is having a really generous sale with freebies all over the ground, hair packs for 75L and a ton of 10L-20L items! Check it out before she moves to her new mainstore :)

cheongsam: lika ruby group gift
hair: kikearrings: zaara nizam set
bird hair comb: nonko
eyeliner and tattoos: actchio

lame artistic picture just because I REALLY loved the back of this 10L top from Rezipsa Loc! It's really beautiful.
boots: theosophy lochdon boots, not free

on xing:
polo tee: alpha villain, 100L.
shorts: young urban, summers at english bay shorts in grey, 100L
hair: cheerno derick hair, from a feira event here, just 70L for two colors. there are demos!
tattoo: gift, click the blue bottle on the floor at actchio.
belial bracelet, from rozoregalia

on me:
orange nails: rezipsa loc at kozmetica, 50L for 6 colors! slurl to booth!hair: rezipsa loc, 75L per color pack
top: rezipsa loc, 15L
shorts: modd.g
octopus ring: theosophy

on xing
hair: nick from
Rezipsa Loc piggy tee, 20L sale
jeans: armidi
necklace and gloves: redgrave
tattoo: gift, click the musical note on the floor at actchio.

black concave gauges: created by ras nootan, not sure if they're still available

on me:
rezipsa loc, hair with red streak, just 10L
panda tee: 20L from rezipsa loc sale
tattoos: actchio
shorts: modd.g

Don't forget to check out the gachas at Rezipsa Loc, I went a bit crazy with both suspenders gachas. I got most of the holiday suspenders and some of the normal ones! They are only 15L per play and 20L for the solid colors.


poses: girl poses from marukin, boy poses from glitterati!