Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Magic of Oz Has Bunny Power!

The Magic of Oz sim has a hunt going on! There are gifts from Silent Sparrow, Schadenfreude, Katat0nik...basically tons of places. I had planned on taking pictures of all of the items but my computer seems to have crapped out so I only got pictures of a few things D: Hopefully you get the idea though because everything rocks!
To get the prizes you go to the landing point and grab a basket. You wear the basket and wander around the sims looking for gold coins that appear randomly. When you see them click right away as only one person can get them until the next appears!
When you have gathered enough coins you can select a store from which to get a prize. Then you wear the object you receive, go to the store, click the candy dish, grab your prize and off you go to get more coins and start over! It's a long process but I find it's really fun to go with a friend and just be silly and take pictures and stuff while looking :) There are two sims to cover, Magic of Oz and Ozimals.
Once again, there are tons of prizes that I didn't get to photograph due to computer suckage. There are dresses, tattoos, tiny avatars, furniture, garden items, jewelry...just tons of great stuff. Go grab it!
You can see a bunch more things on Achariya's blog too!
Worn in Pictures 1&2:
From Magic of Oz Hunt:
I Love Bunnies Prop and Book: Jolly Farm
Undershirt (Part of a dress): Pas De Deux
Mouth Caligraphy Brush and Earrings: Sanu
Eyes: Schadenfreude (they have tiny bunnies on them and come with prim versions too!)
Building: Mocha
Bracelet: Frippery
Also Worn:
Dress: This is a Fawn
Skin: Fresh FX
Hair: Exile

Worn in Picture 3:
From Magic of Oz Hunt:
Dress: FallnAngel Creations (also includes lots of flowy parts and long sleeve versions.)
Also Worn:
Hair: ElikaTira
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board
Lip Tattoo: Elegant Epiphany
Eye Makeup: Mulvada Mujer @ Kozmetika, 10L

Slurl to Magic of Oz: HERE
Slurl to Ozimals: HERE