Monday, 14 February 2011

Dark Valentines Thrifties

Another quick post, for Valentines. There's still time!
[Beautifully Grotesque] RottenToe
I love Rotten Toe skins. Here's the latest group gift for Valentines Day. 2 skins. Yay! The eyes are from [Beautifully Grotesque], the pupils are lil hearts! They're part of an amazing Love set all for 10L.[Beautifully Grotesque] n RT Gift
The face hearts are another part of the Love 10L set from [Beautifully Grotesque]. Oh! And this amaaaaaazing tattoo on my chest is hand drawn by my dearest nephania Rubanis. Check out her store on the market place here. And inworld here.
Skins - Rotten Toe Group Gift - 15L Join fee.
Heart Eyes With Prim Option/Face Tattoo - [Beautifully Grotesque] - Part of a Set for 10L. Check link for full details.
Chest Tattoo - [Beautifully Grotesque] - 50L
Hair - Sari's