Wednesday, 5 January 2011

So I Needed A Reason To Wear Teal Hair

Not much of a reason. Just a nudge.
I was wandering around REASONABLE DESIRES the other day and at the line of Lucky Chairs there were TWO G'S! So I plopped myself down and picked up the LEAH Lingerie in purple and pink.
Then I said, "SELF, I should find some skin or something to wear and then I can show the girlies on Freestyle. Hmmm, who always has some kinda skin freebie or fun thing? FRICK!"

It turns out FRICK is having a little Candy Cane hunt in her store which has candy canes full of skins and makeups and even a corset which I was far to LAZY to shoot and show you all of!

But I am wearing two of the skins with the winter makeup tattoo layer for funz.

The hair is NOT free it's Truth's Diana in Teal, which my original quest - to wear TEal Hair (see post title.)

I'm also wearing the most awesomest bedroom slippers evah, by the soon to be gone 5th & Oxford and they are only 50L which is not 5L or under but, THEY ARE SO CHEAP for how awesome they are.
I went and got them in all the colors.

OMG I am so lazy but look, here is all the other good stuff at Frick that is dollarbie in the candy canes throughout the store. FRICKA I STOLE THIS OFF YOUR FLICKR! LOVE ME ANYWAY!?

Frick loves me.

Ok then. Teal hair worn. Mission accomplished.

Now GO. Acquire. And have a lovely day my beautiful girls.