Tuesday, 11 January 2011

EaHH Flood Relief Charity Event

The Extend a Helping Hand charity event has started tonight and I wanted to post a bit about it, hoping you will go! I will be doing several posts on this because this event may help many people in SL.
The floods in Queensland have affected tons of people, even to the point where many have died. A large portion of SL users and a very large portion of Free*Style readers are from Australia and I personally know several who have been affected. You can help by buying items at the EaHH charity event where the money will go directly to help those in need. The first item I am showing is this full avatar from Violent Seduction. You get a black avatar and a white avatar with skins, horns, faun legs, furry bikini and even the hair! I thought the white avatar looked very innocent and mysterious even with the parts that could be interpreted as demon-like.

I am aware that nothing in this post is free and I will be trying to work in freebies to the next posts. I really just wanted to get this information out as fast as possible in order to raise as much awareness as I can. Thank you for reading this and all Free*Style posts. I do honestly believe we have the best readers in SL, from all over the world, and I hope you can use your kindness and generosity to make the world a better place whenever you can. Love you long time!
Hellesent 1
Full Avatar (not including eyes and shape): Violent Seduction @ EaHH, charity donation item. White and black version at 50 percent donation with both avs included and red version at 100 percent donation.