Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Brown and Such

My avatar is all "Hey, what's over there!?" and I'm all "Awesome freebies!" Weeeeeeeeee!
Skin: Imagen, 10L skin sale. male and female skins in about half of the store are only 10L each!
Eye Makeup: Skin Within, part of a free pack of several makeups
Sweater: Willow, seasons hunt gift
Scarf: Paper Doll, free
Jewelry: Lolapop!, 69L Hump Day Happiness item for Wednesday
Eyes: Banana Banshee. There is a group gift and a subscriber gift of a green version of these eyes right now! The group might be closed still but the subscriber gift should still be available.
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat, I couldn't find it in the store so might not be available
Blush: Cheap Makeup, gacha item. Don't forget that there is a Season's Hunt item available there as well.