Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas is Coming... the Cat is Getting Fat

We sing that song on the holidays because our cat is so fat we say we are going to cook him for Christmas dinner and I was at a loss of a name for the  Dear, sweet Fallacy DeCuir of FD Decor has so many wonderful things that you can get for free that will get your place completely in the holiday mood. I dressed up my avatar (you have to be matchy for the holidays) with some freebies from Blacklace, Baby Monkey and Mayden Couture.  Before I forget, FD Decor is also having a huge sale until the end of the year.   She will be adding prefab buildings to her line so she needs lots of room for prims.  Discounts are steep.

The Log Cabin is the Midnight Mania prize at FD Decor.  It comes with cute beamed ceilings, frosted windows and crackling fireplace as well as furnished. I've replace most of the furnishings so that I can show you some of the items you can win from the Lucky Chairs and Prize Campers.  Blacklace has 3 new freebies out for the holiday season. Two of them are right when you enter the shop and if you go further to the right you will see several sets of lingerie at special prices.  On the far left there is a very nice freebie.  The shoes are the latest group gift at Baby Monkey. They are a nice platform pump that are dressy for the holidays but can be worn long past December.  And I love the sculpted present hair that is a dollarbie from Mayden Couture!  It includes 4 popular colors.  
FD Decor: Log Cabin (exterior): Midnight Mania prize
FD Decor: Log Cabin (interior): Midnight Mania prize - fireplace, wreath and tree included
Sleigh bed: FD Decor: camp prize.  It includes single and couple poses and 3 blanket options
Stocking Chairs: FD Decor: Lucky Chair and Camp prize.  Color change including non-holiday textures, cozy blanket on/off and several poses
Tree Lamp (on mantle): FD Decor: Camp prize
Sleigh Rug: FD Decor: Camp Prize
Me: Priceless :)
Rudolf: FD Decor: Lucky Chair prize: OMG so cute and lots of poses. Great prop, Fallacy!
Quaint Christmas Tree: FD Decor: 
Snowman and Ice Cream Truck: Cat's Dirt Project: tons of freebies on 2nd floor
Lingerie: Blacklace: Green Satin and Lace set from Sexy Little Gift 2: Free
Hair: Mayden Couture: Xmas Gift Hair: 1 L for 4 colors
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Ultimate Madden Pump: Greengage: Group gift