Thursday, 21 October 2010

Witches and cupcakes and pumpkins on stakes

Cheap stuff for FreeStyle

* (Acha here again!) I miss Beanie Canning's posts so very much, especially this month. I was pondering this to myself the other day when lo, I got an IM from the woman herself. "Go to Lycee," Beanie said. "Amazing Halloween cuteness!" She was right. I found a lucky board with "A" on it, and this beautiful Halloween dress that comes with a posing pitchfork. Just in time to get my Beanie fix! Thank you, Beanie! (SLURL to Lycee)

* I'm also wearing hair from Wasabi Pills that is so cheap it might as well be free -- 75L for a four-pack at the Industry District Halloween Event. The pointy hat comes with it. I love long dark wild hair, it looks like mine IRL! (SLURL to Wasabi Pills)

* Also, that cupcake costume with the spider on it is totally what I'm wearing for Halloween. It's 1L from Cupcakes & Poetry. (SLURL to Cupcakes & Poetry)

* I'm sure you have all heard about the Albero Fall Gatcha Festival right? My shoes are from the 95L Gatcha machine from Ingenue. I love them -- beautifully made flats for peanuts! (SLURL to the Albero Gatcha Festival)

Cheap stuff for FreeStyle

Cheap stuff for FreeStyle

***Cupcake outfit: 1L Cupcakes & Poetry Cupcake costume
***Hair with hat: 75L for four colors, Wasabi Pills Dalasia Hair (with hat) for the Industry District halloween event.
***Shoes: Ingenue Clara flats (other colors for 95L each at the Albero gatcha festival)
***Outfit: Lycee@ Halloween Kabo hunter - Lucky board item
***Skin with blood eye tattoo: Autumn's Fell and Vengeance tattoo from the Frick halloween hat hunt (SLURL to Frick)