Friday, 8 October 2010

Weekend Stuffies

Tw@tty Popcorn LOL
All right! Cute new store opening! Hi5! These sweet glittery leggings are from a very new store called
.:: Popcorn ::.  Infact it's so new I think I was the first to buy stuff! 8D. It's tres cute and I see a lot of potential for the future. This funky colorful dress is the Blame It On The Pop Hunt gift from Twatty Cake. It's actually spelled with @ signs instead of A's, but blogger's being mean to me. Another new cute store alert! Delights by Talena is a lovely store that focuses mainly on shoes! These shoes are a current group gift, there's a small fee of 50L to join, BUT, there's a regular group gift every 2 weeks!! EEEee Love Soul limited edition nails on a mini mania!!! I apologize for the non close up. If you like prim nails, Halloween, and know Love Soul then I don't need to splain much!
Popcorn Freebie
.:: Popcorn ::. put out this sweet T-shirt as a free gift for Halloween, there's also a male version. I wanted to show you another pair of leggings from there, cute ya?
Andel's Birthday Group Gift
My dear friend Andel, owner of A.D.D. Andel had her RL birthday recently. She's a proud Libra! She made this incredible pose prop as a gift to her group members. I think it's so artistic, and a lovely hommage to all that is Libra!
Look 1
Dress - Twatty Cake - Blame It On The Pop Hunt gift.
Shoes - Delights by Talena - Group Gift - 50L Join fee.
Hawte Prim Nails - Love Soul - Mini Mania - Limited Time
Not Free
Leggings - .:: Popcorn ::.
Skin - LAQ
Look 2
T-Shirt - .:: Popcorn ::.
Not Free
Leggings - .:: Popcorn ::.
Skin - .::Mother Goose's::.
Hair - (fd)
Look 3
Libra Scales Pose Prop - A.D.D. Andel - Group Gift
Not Free
Outfit - Phoenix Rising Closing Sale - 25L
Skin - LAQ