Sunday, 17 October 2010

Soft Fall

Some nice, neutral toned goodies for you.
sabbia and more_003
I just want to cuddle up in this jacket and take a nap. Who's with me!?
sabbia and more_006
Jacket (also comes with a dress): S@bbia, anniversary group gift
Shirt: RezIpsa Loc @ FTLO event, not free but really gorgeous and not expensive
Tights: Awram-Viie, 1L
Shoes: Shiny Things, subscriber gift
Hair: Mikan, Halloween hunt gift
Skin: Mango, Mango! @ Rad Minds Inc., one of five 10L skins at the event. Many other designers have 10L or less items as well :)
Skirt: Majority Plus Minority (M+M), not free BUT there is a pink version in a lucky board there :)
Cleavage Enhancer: Ayumi, not free but seriously the best and most versatile enhancer I have found to date
Eyes: Den-Dou, gacha item, not free