Sunday, 17 October 2010








modd.g has reopened with a ton of autumn releases and she's giving out some lovely reopening gifts! there's a fatpack of hair as color demos, a fatpack of sheer knit socks, and a pair of oversized glasses. I was really excited by her teaser photo showing the fall looks, so I bought a few items.. prices range from 100-200L for these. pretty excited with my buys, esp that two-tone offshoulder knit top and the floral jeans. the fedora's a pretty good deal at 100L too. also showing the candy nail group gift, super detailed prim nails! *don't forget to get the toy bangle for free, too!

I didn't manage to show them here, but upstairs at modd.g there are a ton of adorable wall decals and 1-PRIM FURNITURE! at super low prices. check those out if you're into home decor on a low-prim budget like I am!

*all poses from marukin/Valencia Southard.

hair: shown in black, available in a fatpack of color demos, free upstairs at modd.g
top and floral jeans: modd.g
boots: GoS
tattoo layer headdress, gacha tattoo eyelashes, verna(40L per play) and tattoo lipgloss(whoo!): cheap makeup

nails: candy nail group gift
earrings and bangles: zaara nizam jewellery set
fedora: 100L at modd.g, autumn release
offshoulder top and denim shorts in mint(love this color! I normally wouldn't buy basics but this color is pretty special.) modd.g

sheer socks in red: fatpack available, reopening gift at modd.g
shirtdress(worn without the collar prim): modd.g
hair: lamb
hairbase: ce cubic effect