Tuesday, 12 October 2010

makeup addict






i loooooove cheap makeup. especially the fact that it's cheap xD this is why I never ever get bored of skins any more!

anyway showing some beautiful makeups from musa and cheap makeup! musa just put another color of eyeshadow in the lucky board, and cheap makeup just released LIP GLOSSES for 35L each, 140L for a fatpack of 6 colors. I RAN online to buy it, and bought the gutter liner too. I'm really excited because if i'm not wrong, there aren't that many places with lip glosses that suit most skins, and I feel lucky cos these fit my lip shape exactly! they come in two different sizes to suit most lips, and include a notecard with lip size for the perfect fit. this is kind of groundbreaking for me because now I can change the lipstick on skins depending on whatever I'm wearing! This is not to say that we shouldn't support skin creators by buying different makeups, but it's really interesting seeing how different makeup changes the way a skin looks. I'm also showing the dutch touch skin without the makeup tattoo layers.. huge difference. I love it with and without makeup, though!

also, the 50L friday bargains are still out, and I was particularly fond of the headdresses.. not taking them off anytime soon.

cheap makeup tattoo layer headdresses, 2 colors for 50L friday, still out.
purple eyeshadow: musa october subscriber gift makeup, join the subscriber!
cheap makeup lip gloss, 35L each, 140L for fatpack
skin worn: dutch touch - isis
nose ring: Zaara
hair: Shag

showing the dutch touch skin - isis in natural, without any makeup! still beautiful. really classic skin.

musa tattoo layer eyeliner in neon blue from lucky board. argh i'm still trying to win neon pink!!
cheap makeup lip gloss

cheap makeup tattoo layer headdresses, 2 colors for 50L friday, still out.
cheap makeup glitter eyeliner and lipstick, 50L for set of two eyeliners and one lipstick, 50L friday item, still out!

this makeup makes me look so.. striking. cheap makeup gutter eyeliner, 150L for fatpack, 50L for one color.