Monday, 4 October 2010

Make Him Over Quickie

Hiya folks! Your friendly neighborhood Jerry here with some items from the Make Him Over Hunt.

This blog needed some testosterone, and some of the testosterone I see on the grid needs help. Here are 2 tips to get you started:

First, make sure you're wearing all the prims that come with the outfit. They're included for a reason (either to enhance the outfit, keep you from looking like a tool, or both.)

Second, take the time to fit your prims. It's not difficult and it shouldn't take you long to properly fit hair, cuffs, sneakers, etc. It's really worth the time and effort, and I hear the womenfolk dig guys who can properly dress themselves.

That's all for now. If you haven't done the Make Him Over Hunt yet, hop to it! There are some goodies to be had. I'll be showing more in the coming week, so stay tuned.

My Yul Brynner Look:
Skin/Belleza/Thomas v2 Med, not free
Eyes/MELODIC Eyes/Blue Eyes (past hunt gift)
Pants/Mashooka/Men's Pantalon (MHOH #76)
Shirt/ARAI/Asian Shirt (1L now at ARAI)
Pose/Long Awkward Pose/Peace Up, not free

Hawk & Hoodie:
Skin/Belleza/Thomas v2 Med
Hair/Black Maria/Freehair (All hairs are still free!)
Hair Base/Aitui/Biomech Web w/Hair Base (MHOH #4)
Eyes/MADesigns Eyes/Nature/Aqualibrium (MHOH #1)
Pants/JungleWear/Scims Jeans (MHOH #100)
Shirt/Fir & Mna/Hartford Hoodie (MHOH #5)
Shoes/Hoorenbeek/SuperStars, not free
Pose/Everglow/MHOH4 Poses (MHOH #162)

Skin/Belleza/Thomas v2 Med, not free
Eyes/MADesigns Eyes/Nature/Aqualibrium (MHOH #1)
Hair Base/MADesigns Hair/black hair base, not free
Glasses/Kumaki Glasses Style/K_gs Moore (MHOH #25)
Hair/Bryce Designs/Isidore, not free
Shirt/Ducknipple/Foebel (MHOH #145)
Pants/Fir & Mna/Pinstripe Pants, not free
Shoes/HOC Industries/Easy Strider, not free
Watch/michievous cat/Glimmer (MHOH #88)
Pose/Everglow/MHOH4 Poses (MHOH #162)

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