Saturday, 23 October 2010

It's Time For a Hairgasm!

Do you remember ETD? If not then you must be a n00b because EVERYONE who was around for any good amount of time knows ETD. For years Elikapeka Tiramisu brought us some of the most amazing creations in SL history and now she's back! The new brand is called [elikatira] and right now there are some awesome new products which you can see HERE on Xstreet. Since she is super generous she has set out this hair in all colors for free!! Squee!
Elika Snatch Kyoot Dekade
Oh, and like my skirt and stole? Totally free in the lucky chairs at Sn@tch!! The skirt is a fat pack of colors and the stole is color change. How fab is that!? Of course if you don't want to wait for the chairs you can always buy the transferable versions for the usual insanely cheap prices. :)

Hair: [elikatira], free
Skirt and Stole: Sn@tch, lucky chair gifts
Shirt: Kyoot, 50L Friday (still out!)
Skin: Dekade, not free but dirt cheap as the store is closing! 600L for a FAT PACK or 300L per skin. Going to miss this store :(