Friday, 1 October 2010










#1 & #2
FIR&MNA dorset coat in charcoal for 50L Friday, still out for 50L!
highwaisted skirt from pididdle: seasons hunt gift
shade throne the big cause necklace: only 10L if you join the group. (50L to join group, a ton of gifts) (edit: wait, I just tried to TP to shade throne but couldn't. I'm sure she'll fix it soon-ish though. sorry guys, will update this post again when I can TP there.)
tights in gray: click the blue music note at actchio
hair ribbon: fore gacha, 20L per play.
tube top: ohmai
brilliant gloves: cheerno
ring: LaGyo

cheap makeup double liner with lashes. super proud of this because I played until I got the rare doubles I wanted! 40L per play at the gacha. there's also a subscribo gift!
skin: sora by mother goose, thanks to neva! (heart) don't know why I love this skin so much!

FIR&MNA dorset coat in forest green, not free but worth it! I like it because to me it feels a little like a double-breasted vintage blazer.
hair accessory: free from world's end garden (was plurked by creamy here!)
top: skream has created a new little store called eggplant where everything is 50L or less! check out the beautiful tops, they're pretty sexy and unique. I love cropped tops!

hair corsage: world's end garden group gift, behind the red curtains (or in front of the bigger red curtains) there's a pond, jump into the pond and the gift is next to the staircase underneath. don't forget to join group first!
top: suspender top from eggplant, i think it's 40L.
pants: whippet&buck
ring: LaGyo
earrings: shade throne
hair: lamb
cleavage layer worn: from the old vive9.

top: eggplant, less than 50L
lace tattoo at collar: 40L for black and white versions from Fore
skirt: So Many Styles
wedges: sn@tch

hair corsage: world's end garden group gift at tp point
hairbase and hair: 99 elephants