Saturday, 2 October 2010

cheap makeup gift!

Cheap Makeup
has a new subscriber gift. FIR has this lovely not-free varsity jacket that I keep wearing because of this slipster post(I'm wearing the girl's version and I think till looks better in it!). *BOOM* has this top and 25L shorts that you might already have, but are still awesome. I've been trying to get shadows working and I kind of failed miserably :(

The great thing about 2.1 is the fact that you can wear multiple layers of tattoo makeup. I'm wearing Cheap Makeup tattoo eyelashes, tattoo eyeliner and tattoo blush in these pictures!

Pictures are taken at the beautiful World's End Garden, which I learned about from Hybrid Ansar's blog Avatars In Motion. Jacket copied from Slipsters heh. I really like it and haven't seen any varsity jackets in SL.

Poses from Marukin!

cheap makeup liquid eyeliner in teal: 75L
cheap makeup gatcha lashes, showing Verna. 40L per play.
cheap makeup gatcha blush type 2 - Vermillion. 40L per play.
skin worn: hera, from mother goose lucky board, skins are transferable!

umm.. sorry for the pointless picture haha. but yeah, i guess that's what I'm wearing right now. plus umm I really like these photos/they are exactly how I feel at the moment...SAD & EMO COS I can't get shadows to work right hahah
cheap makeup subscriber gift makeup - warhol's muse eye shadow in baby blue. join the subscriber!
Sorry the picture isn't superbright, but it really does look exactly like that haha. it's a lovely smoky whitish makeup! thanks stella for the subscriber gift! :)

not free:
jacket: MNA varsity jacket (get the FIR hunt gift for MHO, it's a sculpted, navy striped hoodie!)
please contact Rob to purchase the girls' version of the varsity jacket, it's different from the guys' version instore :) I bought the guys' version but had a hard time fitting it, so I bought the girls' version from Rob.
skin worn: Sora from Mother Goose, not free, Neva bought it by accident so she gave it to Ashlee and I D: thank you Neva!
*BOOM* dress
thigh high boots from Coco

hair: lamb
skin: Lucy/old gift from Lara Skins.
cheap makeup eyeliner+lashes in DOUBLE #7: 40L per play. woohoo I played this gatcha until I managed to get the special DOUBLE lashes!! so happy hahah i really wanted the double ones and pink+turquoise are the colors i love.
cheap makeup gatcha lashes, showing chubby bottom lashes, my favorite!. 40L per play.
cheap makeup gatcha blush. 40L per play.
jacket: MNA varsity jacket
*BOOM* fast, easy, fun tube top, free.
*BOOM* hot pants, 25L for 2 colors.