Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wear Gray!

The Wear Gray for a Day event began this past weekend and runs until September 5.  At the Wear Grey Market Faire is a plethora of goodies available from many SL designers, with at least a portion benefitting the American Brain Tumor Association.  There are also daily auctions and you can see what is available daily at the official Wear Grey blog.  For us frugalistas there is also a hunt.  Each item is only 20L and all proceeds benefit ABTA.  I heard a rumor that some people were complaining about the cost of the hunt items but seriously, guys, we are talking brain cancer here!
Details:  Dress: Sysy's:Lulu in teal: 20 L Hunt item at Wear Gray Market Faire - not far from the entrance
Hair: Rezlpsa: Anna: Broadway - 11 PM: not free though 100 % of proceeds benefit ABTA
Skin: Adam n Eve: Bianca t1 - Natural: not free
Lipstick: Adam n Eve: Citrus Fruit: not free

I also wanted to mention a great freebie at Adam n Eve.  There are free painted lashes!  These are a tattoo layer that you can use with the SL 2. or many alternative viewers.  If adjusting prim lashes is irritating, this is a fantastic solution...and they don't look like blobs in high lag locations.  There are other amazing makeups.  My favorite it one that turns your skin tone green, perfect for Halloween parties!
Close up of: Adam n Eve: Painted on Lashes: Free -- look for the mascara on the makeup counter