Monday, 6 September 2010

The Twisted Munster is Back

Kat Hair Fair Gift
Weeeee!!!!! New dollarbie dress from *katat0nik* at the Hair Fair! Cute polka dots and skulls make me happy! Got a great new cheapie for you too. &Bean is offering 2 skins for only 10L. These are a clever and creative joke about the hair fair lag and are the awesome! AAAAnnndddd...*Drum Roll Please* Guess who's baaack?? Why it's Lolli Munster creator of House of Munster!! After a long break she's back with full force and has some new releases at the Hair Fair..woot! All hair in this post can be found at the House of Munster booth. Not only are the new styles crazy amazing, there are also a ton of options to change the colors.
And Bean and Kaotik
Woah! Another piercing?? Oh yes babies, this full out facial piercing is the Twisted Hunt gift from Kaotik Kreations. I love it! The wicked hair in this pic is appropriately called "Radical" and is the House of Munster donation item with 50% of the proceeds going to Wigs For Kids. You'll definately be seeing Tazzy running around the grid in this style quite a bit.
And Bean and Kaotik 2
Here I wanted to show a close up of the beat up version of the 10L &Bean skins set.
Skinthesis Twisted
:O I hope this pic isn't too risque. I figured it might not be because this incredible doll skin is so well done and very androgynus. It's the Twisted Hunt gift from Skinthesis. There's also a skin there for the gents. Creepy dolls have a place in my heart!
Sassy Twisted
OH $%(^ YES! A sexy free dress from Sassy Kitty! Another gift from the Twisted Hunt. This dress is so dark and so hot, there are a few options to wear it too, bloody, non bloody and sheer. *Wiggles eyebrows* Hubba Hubba! I'm loving all the new releases from House of Munster but for some reason this particular style calls out to me lol. It's big, it's hot and to me is so Lolli.
Ok, I think i've blown up the screen enough already. TTFN xoxo

**The skin and hair worn throughout are from &Bean and House of Munster**
Dress - *katat0nik* - Hair fair dollarbie gift.
Look 2&3
Facial Piercing - Kaotik Kreations - Twisted Hunt Gift
Look 4
Skin - Skinthesis - Twisted Hunt Gift
Look 5
Dress - Sassy Kitty - Twisted Hunt Gift