Sunday, 12 September 2010

crayon tears

Some beautiful things! If you've been using 2.0 tattoo layer makeups, Cheap Makeup has some of the best and cheapest tattoo layer makeups. Hahaha I thought it was funny how Cheap Makeup started off being a clothing store and ended up making actual makeups when tattoo layers came out!

They're 40L gacha makeups, and I'm showing the tattoo layer eyelashes, something I think I'll be wearing with all skins.. I thought the first eyelashes were way too huge at first, but they're really growing on me/I think they're my favorite now. The second picture is of the more natural eyelashes, most of the gacha eyelashes are natural like that one.

I also went and waited at the Mother Goose lucky boards and tried to win some of the skins heh. Lewrence is my favorite, definitely worth waiting for. The boards have been updated and there's also a gift skin in the group notices, search for Mother Goose's or join from milok Hermit's profile.

Another thing that plurk got me excited about - FIR & MNA has the new Halllie Cardigan out and I'm in love with the rainbow trim at the collar. Not free, but pretty extremely amazing because I love rainbow!

u.f.o. also has an opening gift out at their new mainstore, also check out their new releases and gachas! A-Bomb has unisex deck shoes and leopard wedges out for just 100L at the Wear Grey event at well.

I'm really tired haha, I hope you had a great weekend!

skin: Mother Goose's lucky board

lashes: tattoo layer gacha eyelashes by Cheap Makeup
hair: Wayward Heart hair from Nushru
pearl necklace: fashion rehabilitation item at skream, discounted only for this month!
cardigan: Hallie Cardigan at FIR & MNA mainstore
octopus ring: Theosophy whooo love
floral bandage skirt:u.f.o. new release, i think it's 120L
socks: u.f.o. gacha at pookie promenade, cheap!
deck shoes from A-Bomb, exclusive at the Wear Grey event, get them before they're gone!
bag: 1L at u.f.o. new mainstore here

hair: Bliensen & Maitai booth at Hair Fair, donation item for Wigs for Kids, ribbon is color change!
skin: Mother Goose's lucky board
pearl necklace: skream fashion rehabilitation item
lashes: tattoo layer gacha eyelashes by Cheap Makeup
nails: candy nail snow white
wedges: leopard print wedges by A-Bomb, 100L at Wear Grey event
skirt: 1L at u.f.o. at pookie promenade, ballerina skirt
basic tee in peach: 1L from ohmai! at Pookie, also note that Ohmai! is retiring all her items except for... 2, I think, so get them while you can! I believe the store is closing at the end of the month and will reopen in December.
bracelet: Hax bracelet, group gift from Shade Throne, 50L to join group and then click all the white/black paper bags in the store.

Location: Tee*fy Chalk Board House, demo here!

All poses from Marukin by Valencia Southard!