Thursday, 30 September 2010

Alice in Psycholand

Something horrible happened and Alice needed to get away.She ran and ran until she was distracted by a rabbit and fell into a hole. She landed to find a small door. Where it led she didn't know but it couldn't be worse to go forward than to go back.The people of Wonderland were strange but they welcomed Alice with open arms. Little did they know that their dream land was welcoming a nightmare.

Dress: Wishbox, MM prize
Bloody Layers: Randomocity, lucky chair prize (perfect for the season!! Also a simple blood spatters freebie version available.)
Bloody Socks: Randomocity, not free but they are pretty cheap
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, not free (but there is a lovely reddish version w/fall leaves free in the seasons hunt)
Necklace: Miao, Disco Deals cheapie, not out yet (join Disco Deals group for a heads up!)
Skin: Free Speerit, no longer available to my knowledge
Boots: Rose River Saloon, lucky chair prize. Here's a closer picture:Awesome!